Safe and pleasant single women’s journey

“We live in a beautiful world full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end of the adventure we can have if only we look for them with open eyes.” Said Jawahahal Nehru.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed with things you don’t do than you do. So throw Bowin, sail away from the port safe. Capture the wind Trading on your screen. Valid. Find out,” said Mark Twain.

In the spirit of Nehru and Twain, let’s dream a little here about a single woman’s journey.

Traveling alone intimidates most of us. But with the right combination of the spirit of “throwing wind to the wind” and careful planning, traveling alone as a single woman can be fun, safe and memorable.

Here are some travel tips for single women.

Let’s start from the beginning, right when you plan your trip.

Prepare for travel

1. Determine whether you want to travel solo or with a female travel club, there are some good ones. Do online search for “Women’s Travel Club.” Better yet, get recommendations from a friend or acquaintance.

2. If you go solo, and after you know the date of your trip, register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Go to their website and click on the trip. On that page you will find “Registering your trip.”

3. Make a copy of all your identification, ticket, and important schedules and keep it in a separate place from the original. Give your family and friends copy. They must know the place, date, and contact information for each place you will become.

4. If you take medicine, make sure you have enough during the duration of the trip and for a few days after arriving at home. It will give you time to recharge your recipe.

5. Visit travel supply stores or explore online. Sometimes you will get an idea for items that will enhance your trip, such as mosquito clothing, water purification, and hand tissue.

6. Buy travel insurance. For as little as $ 1 per day, you can get emergency medical treatment, medical evacuation, access to a certified doctor, replacement for lost luggage and late travel, among others. Travel insurance is the best thing you can give yourself – after that, of course, the trip itself.

During the trip

A woman traveling solo can practice a safe trip. Here are tips:

1. Culturely sensitive to how to dress and behave in public, especially in Muslim countries. Locals will appreciate your efforts. You respect them by maintaining their “home rules”.

2. If you don’t want to lose it, don’t take it. Leave your jewelry and expensive items at home. It’s best to save money for you in hidden packages.

3. Use your instincts! Stay away from a quiet area; Don’t be far from your inn at night and only in a place that is quite bright and frequently visited.

4. Check to leading hotels – even though you might have to pay more. Usually go with recommendations. Bed and breakfast are usually safe. Again, go with your intestinal instincts.

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