5 Basic Law of Success

Depending on who you read, there are a number of “success law”; Some authors focus on some, others make some. Whether you read Brian Tracey, Og Mandino, John Maxwell, or one of the other writers out there, you will get what they feel important.

For me, there are 5 “law”, if you want, you can start with. “Law” is generally accepted by most successful experts; They, in terms of Stephen Covey, “clear” and “Universal”. Even if you find someone else you like, starting with this fifth will definitely get you away.

Correspondence law

Correspondence law says that your outside reflects your inside. In other words, how do you think you are reflected in your state of life. Maybe the best writing on this law is James Allen “as a thinketh man.” As a consequence of this law, if you want to change your life, you need to change your mind first.

Legal abundance

The law of abundance says that the world is large enough for you and me to succeed. The opposite of the law of abundance says that for one person to succeed, others must fail; This is the re-stacking rule. The law of abundance says that we can all succeed. Therefore, you don’t need to be jealous of anyone or steal your belongings; The world will work with you. As a consequence, people can be successful by helping others become successful.

Law cause and effect

This law implies that all of them have the cause. If you are not rich, sick, unhappy, not valued, or work in the work you hate, there is a cause. And, when combined with the law of abundance, the cause is not the outside world, but you. Again, change yourself and you will cause the effect of changing your world. Tommy Newberry best revealed this with the title of the book “Success is not an accident.”


The film “The Secret” popularized this law. Basically it states that you attract who you are. If you are positive, you will draw positive results; The opposite is also true. As a consequence, you can’t get what you’re not. You can’t say “I will be positive when the results are positive”; Law works in other ways. You must be a positive person first, then you will get positive results.

Agricultural law

This is also known as the law of growth. The premise of this law is a state of people like plants on a farm. When a farmer planted plants in spring, he did not get harvested the next day; He must let the plants grow and get the harvest in the fall. Likewise, you cannot change one day and expect subsequent success; You must survive, keep working your plan, and you will get the results in time. Stephen Covey talks about this law, like Og Mandino. As a reasonable result, this law also says that you reap what you are sowing. Only a farmer who plants corn gets corn and not potatoes, you will accept the harvest based on the seeds you planted. Positive seeds will produce positive results, and negative seeds will produce negative results.

Even though there is a lot that can be said about each of these laws, I feel you already know them. What you might not do is use it correctly, and I encourage you to learn the writings on each of these laws to determine how you can use it.

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